About KTD

Kevin Troy Darling

Ultimately, every business is trying to tell a story and make heroes of its customers. Throughout my career, whether as an employee or a consultant, working for businesses from sole-proprietors all the way to global enterprises, I have helped companies shape their narrative. I’d like now to help you.

Pattern Recognition

Whatever my job title, I’ve always been a consultant. In school we called this a nerd, or when less generous, a know-it-all. Just out of high school, I worked in data processing for a cable company. All their information was locked in green bar paper and green screen terminals. They wanted to somehow digest their data and make it useful. I developed a process for extracting the data, got time on a brand new IBM PC, and developed my first business reports. Eventually, they hired an actual business analyst, and I trained him. This set the pattern for my career integrating three key skills:

  • Technology
  • Analysis
  • Training

I am strategic by inclination. It’s hard not to look at anything without wanting to understand how all the parts work together. Of course, once I see how things work, I can’t help wanting to improve them. As a lifelong learner, I’m excited to have grown along with the information age. Because everything we have was built on everything we had, I am as excited about technology now as when I was sixteen and playing with my first computer. And when I combine the understanding of the big picture with the passion for learning, it’s a simple step to develop curriculum and training.

Creative License

Businesses rarely have titles for writers; but they do need people who can write. I once thought writing was so easy anyone could do it. I’ve learned since that while anyone can be a better writer, it is a rare skill to master. Early in my career, I hid my creative talent because it seemed frivolous; but as I matured I learned my creative skills as a writer, editor, actor, and director apply directly to business functions – especially in the design of business processes, customer relationship management, marketing, advertising, and training.

I have been writing creatively since I started putting words together. My first job as an editor was proofreading my dyslexic mother’s work as an executive secretary. After writing a novel proved ambitious for a ten-year-old, I switched to poetry. Since then, I’ve composed about 200 more, along with many short stories, stage plays, and several full-length screenplays, one of which was optioned. That’s as close as my creative work has been to fame; but I’m still going for it.

Home and Family

I’m proud to be a native Las Vegan, and though I live in now in Phoenix, Arizona, I am still at home in the desert. I have a wonderful family and have raised two incredible daughters, now in college. My wife is an elementary school teacher and she inspires me every day with her devotion to her students and dedication to her career. When I’m not working, I hike, practice yoga, and play tennis, billiards, and the ukulele. I also still love reading, going to movies, and attending live theatre.

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