Experience Design

Just For Show

What’s the difference between the food you eat  whether at home or dining out? Often, just context. You can have the same ingredients,  even the same skill, but put that same plate on your dining table and it will feel different than at a five-diamond restaurant. And it’s your personal taste that says which you prefer.

Experience Design is the discipline that examines all the interactions – direct and indirect – that go into your business relationships. It includes some of the following tools:

  • Information Architecture
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Process Design

If you limit yourself to customer relationships, you will miss some of the most critical connections. Or to put it in terms of TQM (total quality management) refining the way systems communicate among each other will, over time, improve profitability and shareholder value.

What Do You Mean by Customer?

Another way to think of it, is that one system is often the customer of another within organizations. Often those customers have competing needs; and management’s role is to help them work out their priorities for mutual satisfaction. By examining business processes as they interact with each other and with end customers, you can solve many problems at once.

KTD Communications has worked with organizations of all sizes and one thing we’ve learned is that the problems that effect small businesses are the same as those that effect global enterprises. The difference is cost and time. And that’s because human beings are involved, which are flawed machines. And if you think automation is the answer, remember it’s still human beings designing the automation.

We can help organizations explore and develop solutions that will improve how systems and humans interact to create positive customer relationships. We go beyond the mint on the pillow to making sure that the mints ship on time and the housekeeping staff sees that mint as the symbol for a job well done.

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