E-newsletter Development

E-newsletters are one of the best ways to market to your customers. They reinforce your value messaging. They encourage viral marketing. They build your in-house e-mail marketing lists. Best of all, they’re invited onto the desktops of your customers.

Most companies see the value of creating e-newsletters, and most fail to do them consistently. You want the content to be timely, valuable, and most of all you want it on schedule. That takes research and dedication.

Customers Don’t Reward Best Intentions

If your weekly e-newsletter comes out bi-weekly, or if the content looks thrown-together or self-serving, your subscriptions will plummet. Worse, you’ve left a bad impression on your most valuable customers.

Having built both electronic and print newsletters for many companies, the consultants at KTD Communications know why these efforts fail. First, newsletters are a strong ‘B’ priority. Let’s face it, ‘A’ priorities take all your energy, and ‘C’ priorities constantly chip away at your attention.

Second, newsletters become part-time jobs for your employees – something done during down time. It’s the day-to-day reality – you take care of the pressing issues first, and newsletters become pressing issues on the day they’re due to go out. When that happens, research and attention to detail become early victims.

Bring in the Support

At KTD Communications, one of our main lines of business is e-newsletter production. We give you what you need most: an editorial calendar to plan marketing, a style guide for consistency, research into topics that will energize your target market, and crisp writing delivered on time. You can even have us distribute your e-newsletter for you under your brand and design.

It’s a true ‘fire and forget’ solution and you always have final approval on topics, content, and delivery. Best of all, you’re building loyalty in your subscribers without inviting mutiny from your staff.

Contact KTD Communications today to have us develop a custom e-newsletter solution for you.

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